Jaqueline Cedar Illustrates Ghostly Figures Using Many Colors

 - Aug 7, 2012
References: jaquelinecedar & booooooom
It is hard to discern exactly what is going on in these Jaqueline Cedar paintings, but therein lies their allure. Viewers are forced to interpret abstract visuals that seem rich in narrative components, despite their obvious cryptic nature. And since Cedar already engages audiences using prismatic colors and beautifully rendered phantom-like subjects, it’s easy for viewers to be lost in Cedar’s paintings for hours on end.

Jaqueline Cedar is a full-time painter. She switches back and forth between acrylics and oil paints, though this never impedes her ability to create amazing art. Her works are innately surreal, even when they’re presenting familiar or mundane scenes. Geometric shapes are littered throughout her paintings, though you’ll never know whether you’ll see them in their natural states or in more contorted fashions.