Teenagers in South Korea Throw Potato Parties in McDonald's

 - May 6, 2013
References: guardian
You might find this teenage fad a tad hard to swallow, but there's no denying it, teenagers just love their Japanese Potato Parties. Yes, you read that right, the bizarre party involves ordering an obscene amount of McDonald's fries, emptying as many bags as you can on the table and eating until your tummy hurts.

This bizarre fad has been sweeping across South Korea and Japan ever since McDonald's Japan slashed the price of their large fries at stores late last year. This resulted in a group of opportunistic teens posting a picture on Twitter of their 23 cartons of fries. After this was retweeted thousands of times, teenagers in south Korea began tweeting pictures of them eating 40 and even 60 cartons of McDonald's fries.

This extreme fast food craze shows just how quickly niche fads can escalate using the power of social media.