Jana Brike's Corrupted Youth Painting Look Taken from a Fairytale

Jana Brike is an artist who was born in Riga, Latvia, whose oil paintings center around strong narrative themes. Her wide-eyed depictions of youth have a sense of innocence that is often taken away by her incorporation of sensual connotations, working to show the impact the world has on them. As one of Jana Brike's main focuses in her art is the path to self-discovery, her fairy tale-like character depictions intermingled with adult sensibilities do this well.

She is said to get inspiration from the Soviet children she sees in everyday life -- painting them with the same sense of innocence that they themselves convey while also capturing what she imagines as their inner thoughts. With this, Jana Brike shows a disparity between their inner and outer appearances, making for a dreamlike feel that hints at the corruption imposed by their surroundings.