The New Jagermeister Bottle is an Update on a Classic Style

 - Dec 7, 2016
References: jager
Jagermeister is a distinctive liquor brand beyond just the spirit itself, and the company has continued to exemplify its uniqueness by releasing a new Jagermeister bottle. The Jagermeister bottle redesign subtly changes details of its shape, label designs, and logo without abandoning the general aesthetic and style that consumers automatically associate with the drink.

There are several changed aspects of the new Jagermeister bottle. Firstly, the shape of the bottle has been adjusted. The 750-milliliter bottle has a more defined shape that features higher, squared-off shoulders. Next the company's token animal, the stag, has been redrawn so that it is more realistic, standing in its natural environment. Other smaller adjustments include a bolder font for the logo and the signature of the Jagermeister founder on the inside of the cap.