Designer Jack Hokansons ‘Genesis Biopod' is Fun for the Fishies

 - May 18, 2010
References: yankodesign & gizmodo
If you’ve already had the ‘afterlife’ discussion and have decided to be cremated and sprinkled into the ocean, you should probably know about Jack Hokansons ‘Genesis Biopod’, a pod that will contain your remains within a dissolvable bag. Weird? Yes. Useful? Potentially. Unnecessary? Entirely, but nevertheless cool. The biopod actually serves as a playground for under the sea creatures, and isn’t harmful to their surroundings.

Yes, that means you can swim out whenever you want to check on your loved one, however note that the bag (and ashes) dissolve within minutes upon hitting the water, so you’d really only be checking on Jack Hokansons Genesis Biopod, not the ashes.