From Tanning Bed Coffins to Eccentric Cartoon Caskets

 - Mar 15, 2013
While it's nice to make sure that everything's taken care of after you've passed away, some people take planning their funerals to the extreme, and these wacky coffin designs are some quirky examples of how you can add an eclectic touch to your wake.

When choosing a coffin, you often have the choice to pick from a variety of colors, materials and sizes, but these over-the-top casket designs showcases the ability to completely customize your own coffin to your personal taste. These coffins range from those that are shaped like quirky cartoon characters to those that double as tanning beds, and they're sure to make anyone attending a funeral stop in their tracks.

If you want to leave a lasting impression even after you've left this earth, then these wacky coffin designs will surely give your guests something to remember.