'Itchynose' Can Change a Song When a Nostril is Scratched

 - Sep 20, 2017
References: dl.acm.org & theverge
This humorous system of smartphone control dubbed ItchyNose is a pair of connected eyewear that enables a user to control a smartphone by simply scratching their nose.

Staring at one's phone screen in public is not only considered rude, it creates a potentially hazardous situation for the distracted user. To combat this issue, a group of researchers developed a system in which a user can reject a call, pause a video or change a song while one's phone is still inside of a pocket.

The wearable, which enables a user to control a phone without drawing attention to oneself, features sensors embedded in the bridge of the frame, which are controlled by flicking, itching a touching specific parts of one's nostril.