Isabel Eeles 'Brick Lane' Paper Cups Use Playful Pieced-Together Designs

 - Jun 7, 2011
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White dixie cups are a common fixture among the hands of many coffee drinkers, and so these Isabel Eeles 'Brick Lane' cup designs are here to infuse flair into the drinking scene. These colorful designs were done by Isabel Eeles as a project to create 5 differential paper cup designs.

These collectible cups have a funky, geometric pattern and are reminiscent of a childhood jigsaw puzzle. The Isabel Eeles 'Brick Lane' paper cups come flat and are easily fit together like puzzle pieces. Not only are these cups geometric in design, but they also feature rad graffiti words and images.

The patterns of blue, green and purple fade together to form a unified collection of paper cups designs. These Isabel Eeles 'Brick Lane' paper cups are a great alternative to bland white dixie cups.