Keep Your Love Life In The Double Digits

 - Jul 25, 2007
References: cosmopolitan
Not 18 years old anymore? Move over 69 and try 77 on for size!

According to Sex expert Cynthia Gentry, author of The Bedside Orgasm Book,"The name 77 refers to the way you and your partner's bodies look when they meld together in this side entry position"

Apparently it's like spooning but with one little added bonus- it hits the elusive love button the G-SPOT!! To achieve "7th" heaven you'll have to lie on your side making sure the man is behind the woman. She'll then have to wrap her legs around his top leg and pull him close. Once he's sliding into home she needs to straighten her legs same as his, toes pointed. Now comes the trick - stay connected and both bend forward at the waist... all while shifting your tangle of legs at a 45 degree angle away from your bodies.

The 77 should be called "JACKPOT" because the ladies are going to love this one!