Red is the New Yellow

 - Oct 9, 2008   Updated: Aug 16 2011
RED is the new YELLOW.  Trend Hunter is relaunching, and to commemorate our new launch, we've ditched the yellow logo in favor of a more lovable color: RED.

Our relaunch also commemorates the nexus of milestones:

- 25,000 Trends
- 20,000 Trend Hunter
- Trend Hunter TV Launch (Oct 19)
- Trend Hunters making $1000+ / Month
- 8 Million Monthly Page Views
- Free Weekly Trend Reports

Check out some more of our favorite “X is the New Y” re-brands:

Implications - Relaunches act as an interesting opportunity to both draw attention towards a company, as well as to re-instill a current, up-to-date consumer perspective of the company.