Toyota's i-Road Rethinks the Future of Transporation

 - Dec 22, 2015
References: toyota-global & wired
Toyota first unveiled its i-Road prototype at the Geneva Motor Show two years ago. Since then, the electric three-wheeler has undergone testing in Japan and France. The automaker is now reaching out to the public for ideas on how the vehicle could potentially reshape mobility in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The agile car features two wheels up front that move independently of one another, permitting the car to lean into turns like a motorcycle. With a lightweight carbon fiber and reinforced plastic body that measures in at just three feet wide and just seven feet long, the i-Road has been touted as a car that's ideal for urban residents, particularly Millennials, young parents and active seniors.

Now, Toyota is hosting a 'Smart Mobility Challenge' that will invite innovators to come up with a business plan to imagine the potential uses for the i-Road in the Bay Area—beyond car sharing initiatives. The winning entrepreneur will receive $15,000 and the chance to work with the car company to see the plan developed.