Iris Hatzfeld Illustrates Ghost-Like Figures Doing Naughty Things

 - May 25, 2012
References: irishatzfeld & sweet-station
Iris Hatzfeld has a series of illustrations that will truly leave viewers with their eyebrows raised and in utter contemplation as to what they’re looking at. In it, Hatzfeld depicts spooky phantom-like creatures engaged in adult activities. Some of the artworks are more wholesome with the ghostly figures simply showing off their legs or sitting seductively, but others push the limits of modesty with genitalia in full view and poses you’d expect from a serial flasher. That description shouldn’t deter you from checking out the rest of her series however, as the results are actually quite cerebrally engaging.

You may be tempted to think Iris Hatzfeld renders illustrations exclusively in this style, but that’s quite contrary to the truth. In fact, her portfolio demonstrates that she’s one of the most versatile artists I’ve come across.