Marriott's 'IoT Guestroom' Offers a Preview of the Hotel of the Future

 - Nov 24, 2017
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Marriott’s Innovation Lab recently introduced the 'IoT Guestroom Lab' at its headquarters to show off a vision of how Internet of Things technology could play a role in reshaping hospitality experiences of the future.

The smart hotel room was designed to support multiple IoT systems and ultimately, better serve guests and streamline hotel operations. Inside the suite, guests have the chance to speak to a virtual assistant to set a wake-up alarm, begin a yoga routine, request housekeeping services or start the shower at a certain temperature. For the development of the IoT Guestroom Lab, Marriott collaborated with two leaders in technology—Samsung and Legrand.

As more consumers come to rely on smart systems in their own home environments, hotels are stepping up to create a seamless experience by creating high-tech suites. While some high-tech hotel rooms include just a simple smart speaker to help guests execute commands to customize their room with their voice, others take the form of more integrated technology systems.