Liberty Mutual's 360-Degree Clip Simulates a Car Breakdown in the Woods

 - Mar 24, 2016
References: facebook & adweek
In order to help people put themselves in the shoes of someone experiencing an unfortunate situation, Liberty Mutual created a 360-degree insurance video powered by virtual reality.

The video is styled as a choose-your-own-adventure experience, where viewers experience their car breaking down in the middle of the woods. Liberty Mutual asks: "What should you do?" In order to answer this question, users are able to tilt their phone in order to select a response. This begins with options like choosing to camp, wander through the dark forest or call for assistance.

Since insurance is commonly only considered as an afterthought, an immersive virtual experience like this may help to sway audiences to see some of the benefits of getting themselves and their assets protected by an insurance plan.