Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche Shares Pattern Shortcuts

 - Mar 30, 2015
References: betterandfaster & youtube
In this short educational video, sought-after innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche explains one of his six key patterns of opportunity, Acceleration. The video breaks down how the pattern of Acceleration can be leveraged to uncover breakthrough ideas.

Acceleration includes zooming in on and dramatizing a specific feature of a business, service or product through strategies like exaggeration. Gutsche exemplifies how audiences can use Acceleration to enhance their innovation with the history of Tough Mudder as an unconventional, un-timed and extreme sport obstacle course marathon that accumulated $70-million in its first two years. Accelerating one key feature, like Tough Mudder did, allows businesses to focus primarily on what their customers actually want.

1. Specifically why should I CHOOSE you?
2. How might you RE-DEFINE your most important feature?

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