Daniel Caballero Has Mastered the Illustration of Pain and Mortality

 - Mar 23, 2013
References: flickr & cuded
Imagining a world where zombies have fully taken over, artist Daniel Caballero focuses his artwork on the illustration of pain and the human will to survive.

Balancing between the dead and the living, this series depicts graphic bloody scenarios, as well as solemnly contemplative ones. Caballero's process involves working from photographs, posing his subjects so that he can then manipulate and change the images through digital alteration on Photoshop. With the zombie apocalypse craze going strong, many people would be interested in this artist's rendition of what it would be like to live through one.

Through the illustration of pain and suffering, Daniel Caballero also infuses the empowering desire to live within his art, showing the strength and sorrow of humanity.