Julia Borzucka's Illustrated Photos Intermingle Cartoons with Reality

 - Sep 20, 2016
References: instagram & fubiz.net
Julia Borzucka, a highly creative artist, has been focusing on generating illustrated photos as of late.

She does this by taking real images and then adds clever cartoon elements -- making the landscapes appear as if they're a playground for a community of friendly giants. In one of the illustrated photos, an enormous man and woman play a game of volleyball while using San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate Bridge as a makeshift net.

In another, legs the size of skyscrapers dangle off a hammock that's being supported by the Empire State Building in New York. In each, Julia Borzucka makes use of an interesting contrast that's not often seen. Despite the differences in appearance between the photos and her illustrations however, she manages to blend them due to the imaginative scenes she creates.