'iLend' Helps Users to Keep Track of Who Owes What

 - Nov 28, 2017
References: ilendapp & producthunt
Unless you're militantly organized, it's easy to lose track of who's things you've borrowed and what you yourself have lent out, so the iLend app is a simple way to keep track of all those casual transactions. The lightweight, user-friendly app serves as a borrowing and lending tracker, letting users keep a running tab of what they've borrowed and lent over time.

More than just a note platform, iLend can connect users to one another through the app, so both parties are aware of the state of the item in question. If you lend out a book, the avid reader you've lent it to will have that book in their 'Borrow' column while it'll be in one's own 'Lend' column. Further, the app syncs to Facebook, so even if a lender or borrower doesn't have iLend, they can still get notifications.