Tyler the Creator's IFHY Music Video Takes a Radical Ride Through Suburbia

 - Apr 3, 2013
References: youtube
As far as rap videos go, Odd Future front man Tyler the Creator's IFHY music video certainly secures this young rhymer's position as one of the craziest and off the wall thinking lyricists of today.

Also directed by Tyler, this video begins with a deformed Tyler doll in a surreal dollhouse. From here, we see Tyler the Creator's IFHY music video take some sharp and edgy turns on this unpredictable visual ride. Being lit on fire and moving around like a robot, Tyler's video constantly switches between being creepy and funny, an entertainment style that has come to define most of the works he and his Odd Future rap crew have their hands in.

Kicking off a different sounding but equally as awesome song near the end of the track, Tyler the Creator's IFHY music video is an event that is worth experiencing.