Scientists are on the Cusp of Creating Hypoallergenic Eggs

 - Mar 15, 2012
References: gizmag & gizmag
Researchers from Australia's Deakin University have gotten cracking on the creation of hypoallergenic eggs. As one of the most common childhood allergies, eggs are an extremely difficult product to avoid as they are found in trace amounts of many foods and even in many vaccines.

The majority of individuals that are hypersensitive to the oval food are allergic to four specific proteins generally found in the white portion of the egg. The research team is working on a way to extract those proteins from the egg, alter them to make them hypoallergenic, and then replace them back into the original egg.

This process would ensure that the egg itself would be allergen-free and if the egg is hatched, the chicken born from that egg would also produce eggs without the proteins that cause a reaction to suffers. Eventually, this process will also be beneficial in creating anti-allergy vaccines.

For children that would love to be able to indulge in typical breakfast foods, these hypoallergenic eggs will be a real winner.

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