Hurtigruten Expedition Cruises Offer Cold Climate Adventure

Exploring harsh conditions has become the preference for some adventure-seeking consumers, so Hurtigruten Expedition Cruises has announced that it will be offering new experiences that are in line with this penchant. The cruise provider has announced that it will be adding two new ships to its fleet including the MS Fridtjof Nansen and MS Roald Amundsen that are positioned as the world's first hybrid cruise ships. These eco-friendly vessels are designed to cruise with decreased emissions to cold environments such as Antarctica, Greenland, the Norwegian fjords and beyond.

The new ships within the Hurtigruten Expedition Cruises fleet are also focused on an authentic experience that isn't characterized by too much luxury or casinos. Instead, guests will enjoy a trip centered on history, geography and wildlife to let them feel more in touch with their surroundings.