Influ-venn-za Analyses the Strains of Animal and Human Flu Viruses

 - Apr 14, 2013
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This cleverly constructed and expertly named ‘Influ-venn-za’ chart analyses the different strains of animal and human flu viruses and the crossovers that may occur. The venn-diagram analyses common influenza carriers in the animal world, from pigs, to chickens to seals, horses and even bats.

The chart outlines the most recent strain of fatal avian flue ‘H7N9,’ which has infected 28 humans to date in Shanghai, China and tragically killed nine. The statistics show that the most common form of animal flu that humans can also contract is avian. The chart also details that avian flu kills 60% of humans it comes into contact with.

The most common types of the flu virus that humans contract are types ‘B’ and ‘C,’ which are not fatalistic for our species. This chart may put your mind at ease if you have been reading about avian flu pandemics in the news recently.