Figure Out How Klout Perks Work in This Chart

 - Nov 25, 2012
References: whattheklout.virb
Beginning in 2008, a system called Klout was devised to determine how effective individuals were with their online exposure, rewarding them in the process, but is there anyone who really knows how Klout perks work?

It’s really a mystery as to who gets what it comes to the perks. The Klout Perk Effect Infographic shares some insightful knowledge about what each person’s Klout score says about them. Corresponding the system’s score to monetary values, the chart lists a few items in each scoring range that the individual is eligible for. Depending on what each individual is hoping to get the perks for, they can target their social media and online comments towards those categories, which increases the possibility of them receiving more plus Ks in that category.