Haus F by Meixner Schluter Wendt

 - Mar 18, 2008
References: yankodesign
I am doing a trend on this house because its design looked interesting to me and the article said that the design was inspired by an F-117 Stealth Fighter, the ugliest flying piece of expensive junk in the history of junk. But if by any chance I'm giving you the impression that I don't like the F-117, its all in your imagination.

Anyway, this house, dubbed "Haus F", is located in Kronberg, Germany and the same was designed by architect Meixner Schluter Wendt adhering to the local laws and regulations. Yanko Design makes a decidedly anti-war remark when it quips that..." By segmenting the house in three parts; the cellar (located completely underground), a glass wrapped garden level(includes the kitchen and family room) and the “Flying Form” which houses the bedrooms and bathrooms, this design creates the illusion of a billion dollars worth of high-tech terror taking off for targets in Tikrit". Amen.