The Hotel in Czorsztynie Mimics the Forms of Nearby Hilltop Homes

 - Feb 22, 2014
References: & archdaily
The inspiration for the Hotel in Czorsztynie came from the pitched-roof cottages that can be found close to the lodge's proposed site in the hills of southern Poland. Avoiding the flood-prone valleys, KWK Promes proposed to perch this chalet on high ground too, but strove not to construct buildings that would overpower the landscape.

As such, Robert Konieczny's team plans to dig into the slopes and bury many of the rooms beneath the earth. From behind, the Hotel in Czorsztynie looks like a lone pair of separate triangular cabins that project out over the descending topography. It's in these dark geometric masses that the sleeping quarters would be arranged. An array of windows would provide incredible views of the picturesque terrain around these modern monuments.