The Hubbards Creamy Porridge Hot Cereals Branding is Rustic

 - Jun 16, 2016
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Helping to enhance the appeal of the hot cereals brand, the Hubbards Creamy Porridge packaging design is focused on being rustic, ingredient-focused and friendly.

Designed by the Auckland-case Coats studio, the Hubbards Creamy Porridge packaging focuses on honesty when it comes to detailing ingredients and processes behind the product. Being that the market for artisanal products is increasing, we're seeing brands play up artisanal aspects in order to convey that although it's prepackaged that it's made with health and quality in mind.

The new Hubbards Creamy Porridge hot cereals packaging includes such flavors as Pecan Date & Maple, Blueberry & Apple, Coconut Currants & Cinnamon and LSA & Apple. The bold branding effort helps to draw in new customers, while satisfying existing ones with refreshed imagery.