MB & F's Horological Machine No. 7 is Styled After Diving Watches

 - Jan 17, 2017
References: mbandf & ablogtowatch
MB & F's Horological Machine No. 7 is inspired by the aesthetic of a popular movement in luxury watches, that of the diving watch. Though Horological Machine No. 7 itself is not a diving watch (having been rated for just 50 meters of water resistance,) it is stylistically in line with that nautical theme.

As its name indicates, MB & F's newest luxury project is the latest in a line of Horological Machines. Earlier editions have revolved around various other themes, such as outer space, aviation, and locomotion. The Horological Machine No. 7, nicknamed the 'Aquapod,' is the first timepiece to be inspired by the water.

The design is inspired by organic jellyfish, with a bulbous crystal covering, a flying tourbillon, and numbers and symbols that glow in the dark.