From $2,000 Golden Pizzas to $15,000 Dining Experiences

 - Feb 25, 2017
The top February 2017 luxury products includes something for every budget. While "luxury" is often thought of as a term that is associated with an item or service that must cost a lot of money, companies like Miss Spa are making indulgence affordable by selling $4 24k Gold Radiance Masks through discount store retailers.

To enhance the experiences that they are able to offer consumers, brands are introducing premium services and product features. The most recent examples of this include Emirates giving out moisturizing pyjama sets to its guests in first class, as well as Genesis launching the Genesis Intelligent Assistant app to give drivers full control over their luxury sedans.

Some of the most extravagant new luxury products include $3,000 designer cotton hoodies, $2,000 pizzas that are covered in edible gold leaf flakes and 21 Royal, an ultra-exclusive custom dining experience at Disneyland that costs $15,000.