Royal Paris' 'Royal Coffee Maker' is Handcrafted from Precious Metals

 - Jan 6, 2017
References: luxurylaunches
Coffee is a both a beverage and a culture, and the 'Royal Coffee Maker' from Royal Paris is a manual machine that is designed to appeal to those on the most extravagant end of that cultural spectrum. The luxurious coffee machine is made out of precious metals and contains finely detailed craftsmanship, making it the world's most decadent manual coffee brewer.

The Royal Coffee Maker makes coffee through the siphon process, a system first invented in the 1830s. In deference to its 19th century aristocratic roots, the coffee maker's design is notably old-fashioned, featuring bespoke adornments like a gargoyle spigot, a fish key, oak leaves, and a "chasing dolphins" closing system.

There are only eights units of the Royal Coffee Maker available. They are made alternatively from silver, copper, or 24 karat gold.