The Hormel Vital Cuisine Line Supplements a Cancer Patient's Nutrition

One of the side effects of cancer treatment is that it can leave patients with little or no appetite, which is especially damaging considering the amount of energy the body needs to undergo the treatment in the first place -- the Hormel Vital Cuisine line is designed specifically to help with this problem. The ready-to-eat meals are nutrient- and protein-rich, and their flavors and ingredients were chosen with cancer patients in mind.

The Hormel Vital Cuisine line comes with three different meal options: chicken and dumpling, vegetarian stew, and beef and mushroom gravy. These dishes were all designed to be as nutritious as any other meal, yet still to be palatable for cancer patients with reduced appetites. As such, the Hormel Vital Cuisine line was created as a collaboration between nutritionists, chefs and medical professionals.