The 'Focus' Home Heater Directs Warmth in Your Direction

 - Dec 18, 2016
References: yankodesign
The 'Focus' home heater is designed to be a more efficient way to stay warm during the winter months and keep a space cozy when it's cold outside.

Designed by Bridget Lisec, the 'Focus' heater features a design that is outfitted with motion sensing technology to direct heat at the person in the room rather than simply by blasting it into the space as a whole. This helps to save electricity by heating the person rather than by heating the space.

The 'Focus' home heater is a catalytic heater, which utilizes fuel to create heat without the need for fire to help make it as safe as possible. If the heater is tipped over, it automatically corrects itself back to the upright position to prevent problems from occurring.