This Holy Man Photo Series is Candid and Striking

 - Apr 30, 2014
References: lynzybilling & vice
Capturing candid portraits for her holy man photo series, London-based photographer Lynzy Billing travels to the most holy of Hindu cities to show the audience the men behind the title.

Choosing Varanasi and its spiritual sadhus --holy men -- as her subject, the photographer traveled to India to get a closer look at these godly figures. Billing was able to fulfill her holy man photo series and show the world a raw and human look at these private and selfless sadhus.

Looking a lot like headshots, the series doesn't need any embellishments to add flair: the striking faces of the sadhus is enough to give the images a hauntingly beautiful pull.

"These are headshots, simple and impersonal, as the sadhus may view themselves: alone with their spiritualism, set apart from any worldly context," says Billing.