The Holy Cross House Puts the Living Spaces Upstairs and Private Below

 - Mar 6, 2015
References: t--b--a & design-milk
It might be common practice to place private spaces upstairs to ensure that it stays private, but the Holy Cross House has flipped this traditional floor plan to mix things up a bit. Of course, there is a practical reason behind the decision, not simply a rule-breaking one. The Holy Cross House is located on a narrow lot. By flipping the spaces around, the most used areas would benefit from direct lighting.

Designed by Thomas Balaban Architecte (TBA), the Holy Cross House is based in Montreal, Canada. Minimalist, modern and open, one of the standout features is its concrete floors, which help regulate the temperature when it fluctuates outside. Overall, this house design shows that traditional practices are sometime best left at the door to usher in unique solutions.