Tim Hortons is Enhancing the Enjoyment of Trading Cards

 - Oct 25, 2016
References: itunes.apple & c2w.timhortons
Hockey cards have long been traded and viewed in physical form but Tim Hortons' new app is changing that fact.

While people who enjoy trading cards are still able to do so in physical form, the app enhances the experience by bringing the cards to life. Users of the 'Tims AR' app scan simply scan their cards onto their phone as well as the 'Tim Horton World Cup of Hockey 2016' and the cards come to life onto their phone. Users of the app can see their cards in action, with the augmented reality revealing unique animations for each individual one in the collection.

The product works to create an incentive for people to purchase Tim Horton's coffee while also adding a unique enhancement to the practice of trading cards.