Ghandi, Castro, Archimedes Figurines

 - Sep 19, 2008   Updated: Jun 14 2011
References: flickr & wackyarchives
Lego toys are without question an inescapable aspect of childhood. The FC Historical Figure Contest ties LEGO and pop culture history together nicely.

The competition involves building historical figures out of official LEGO elements. All entries compete for the big prize, a gold LEGO C-3P0 still in its limited-edition white bag (1 of 10,000 made).

My top competition entries are Gandhi, Fidel Castro and Noah.

Implications - With today's fast-paced society, consumers tend to have a limited attention span. Creating a product that is both familiar and fun will help corporations gain notice from their customers as well as sell their products. Moreover, using a familiar, nostalgia-inducing product will also help by appealing to a customer's emotions.