These Products May Look Scrumptious But Don't Try to Take a Bite

 - Feb 5, 2013
Sushi is a traditional Japanese fare that is not only enjoyed in the east, but thoroughly over here in the west and these fake sushi creations help bring a little marvellous maki goodness with you outside the restaurant. Each of the items found within this collection is inedible and simply recreates the delectable, fish-infused creations in a quirky new way.

How does wrapping yourself in a sushi scarf sound? Perhaps the sushi pillows are the perfect accent for your bedroom or living room. If you're a true sushi fanatic, then the sushi jewelry including earrings and necklaces are a truly eccentric touch to any outfit that will have those around you craving a delicious bento box. Just remember that these are fake sushi items and definitely not suitable for consumption.