The Luzinterruptus Art Collective Hipsterizes a Madrileno Monument

 - Apr 21, 2011
References: luzinterruptus & luzinterruptus
Luzinterruptus, the urban installation art collective from Madrid, propped oversized hipster sunglasses on a Madrileno monument, the Puerta de Alcalá, as an art project.

Usually, Luzinterruptus intervenes on unnoticeable parts of the urban landscape by highlighting things like garbage bins and bollards. This time, the intervention did not need any added lighting as it was done around an already aggressively illuminated monument. The point to be made was that the light around this particular structure is so strong that it is almost blinding, hence the title of the work 'Don’t look at the light.'

The oversized hipster sunglass art installation is colorful and comical. Like all of Luzinterruptus’ work, it doesn’t permanently deface the urban landscape to get the point across.

Luzinterruptus’s work is visually interesting all while getting a valid social commentary across. I might be biased because of my Spanish roots, but this urban intervention art collective is definitely one of my favorites!!!