Hinged Wood Forms by Michael Jantzen are Intentionally Chaotic

 - Apr 14, 2012
References: michaeljantzen
Hinged Wood Forms by conceptual sculptor and artist Michael Jantzen is a collection of furniture, bowls, and sculptures made from hundreds of pieces of haphazardly strewn together pieces of wood.

Each piece is delightfully chaotic and hand assembled in random patterns with little foresight into the way that they were intended to look at the end of the process. The creations overlap in a cross-stitched manner that somewhat resembles a lattice fence, as there are triangular spaces between each piece of timber, which are held together with numerous steel screws and hinges.

While some pieces from the collection were crafted simply as showpieces, Jantzen also created some functional contributions that can effectively hold fruit or act as a coffee table.

The artist deals mainly with modular and eco-friendly designs and the wood used in this collection was sustainably grown.