Intel's High-Tech Apparel Senses and Projects Your Stress Levels

 - Oct 3, 2016
References: & newatlas
American technology giant Intel has teamed up with UK-based designer Hussein Chalayan to create high-tech apparel that is designed to bring together the worlds of fashion and technology in order to respond to and project the wearer's stress levels. The first element of the outfit is a pair of high-tech glasses that makes use of EEG electrode readings, a heart rate monitor and a microphone to detect the stress levels of the wearer.

The data is then conveyed to the second piece of the outfit, a high-tech belt that makes use of Intel technology to process the data and depict it visually by making use of a pico projector. The end result is a visual depiction of the wearer's stress levels that can prompt the user to address their stress factors and take control of their mood.

This audacious high-tech apparel aims to investigate the use of fashion and technology to help people better understand their psychological state using visual depictions that are profound and visually stunning.