Hesther Van Doornum Paints Magnetic Women with Ghostly Pale Skin

The women in these Hesther Van Doornum illustrations share many characteristics: they all have skin as pale as alabaster, they all sport seductive mascara-enhanced gazes and they’re all undeniably breathtaking. Though some may write-off Van Doornum’s similar illustrations as an unwillingness to explore new subjects and styles, the artist explains that she worked tirelessly to develop this signature look as a way to brand her paintings differently from her peers’. The plan certainly worked as viewers will instantly associate similar visuals to these paintings as Van Doornum’s creations.

Also noteworthy about these Hesther Van Doornum pieces is the crimson lipstick some of her muses wear. The combination of white skin, red lips and black eyes work well to complement one another aesthetically, evoking the sultry allure of vampires.