These Shoes by Shiela’s Wheels Change Easily from Heels to Flats

 - Nov 14, 2016
References: sheilaswheels & thegloss
It's the weekend—it's time to go out, have fun and look your absolute best. For most women, heels are a go-to choice. They're hitting the hottest clubs and feeling great. And when it's early in the night, no one can touch them. They're laughing, dancing, partying, it's all fantastic.

Suddenly 2am hits. The club is closing and women start to feel the after-effects of the night. For those who can't find a cab and have to walk home, walking in heels is a not a problem with a shoe that transforms from heel to flat. Women are able to unlatch the heel to create a comfy, cozy shoe that they can walk anywhere in blister-free. It's freedom—no stumbling home in a six-inch safety hazard.

These 'Shiela’s Heels' were created by insurance company Shiela’s Wheels, specifically to help women go from walking in heels to driving in flats with ease.