Barclays Employs Heat Sensors to See Who is Actually at Their Desk

 - Sep 30, 2017
References: occupeye & bloomberg
Financial services company Barclays in the UK is using heat sensors to see which bankers are actually at their desks. Using technology from Cad-Capture called OccupEye, the heat-sensing devices help reduce costs.

Although there are differing accounts over whether or not employees were informed the OccupEye tracking devices would be reporting how often workers were at their desks, the heat sensors would certainly act as an incentive to work more if one was aware of their presence. Referred to as "hot-desking," the practice is seen as a cost-cutting strategy. While the boxes may be able to provide quantitative data about desk real estate, they do not actually measure the performance of individual employees, which should also provide some reassurance.