The 'Takeaway' Hanger Bag Provides a More Streamlined Solution for Retail

 - Dec 5, 2015
References: yankodesign
There's something of a disconnect in the retail world when it comes to merchandise being displayed, purchased, bagged and then carried home by the consumer, which is why the 'Takeaway' Hanger Bag is designed to help streamline the process. Rather than requiring retailers to have hangers and bags, the design concept proposes these two items are merged for simplicity.

The 'Takeaway' Hanger Bag works by incorporating a handle on the top portion, which also doubles as the hook to hang on a rack. When the consumer purchases the garment, the 'Takeaway' Hanger Bag allows the product to be tucked inside and taken as a whole. This allows for an eco-friendlier approach, as there would be less materials needed to market and sell goods.