These Handmade Pastries Feature an Apple Cider Glaze and Cinnamon Dough

 - Oct 20, 2015
References: livelovelux & notwithoutsalt
These handmade apple cider fritters are a tantalizing donut that can be made during the autumnal months as a sweet snack to indulge in. The cozy hot apple cider is added into the donut is several ways including in the glaze, filling and dough.

While this apple ciders donuts might be a bit labor intensive to make from the dough and filling to the glaze, they might be worth the wait as they contain all-natural ingredients and wholesome flavors. The flaky dough features dry yeast, cider, flour, butter and water stuffed with apple cider-doused granny smith apples with butter, cinnamon, lemon and spices. The filling is rolled inside the dough and then deep fried. To finish it off bakers can add an apple cider sugar glaze.