The Starbucks Secret Halloween Menu Features a Variety of Festive Treats

Consumers are currently buzzing about the new Starbucks secret Halloween menu. While the 'Frappula Frappuccino' has has already become a spooky menu staple, there are a number of other festive Halloween treats available to consumers. In fact, the Franken Frappuccino was originally featured as one of the hidden Halloween drinks this time last year.

As with past secret menus, Starbucks will make nearly any drink as long as the ingredients are available in the store. Some of the festive beverages available include the 'The Wired Zombie' and the 'Halloween Eggnog Frappuccino.' Both drinks offer a Halloween-inspired take on classic Starbucks' drinks. In order to purchase one of these Halloween beverages, customers need to show the recipe to their barista.

The secret Halloween menu provides a fun and delicious way to celebrate the Halloween season.