Hallelubeyah Personal Lubricant is 100% Organic

 - Jun 12, 2017
References: lovabilitycondoms & refinery29
'Lovability Inc.' has released its latest product, Hallelubeyah personal lubricant.

This Millennial-branded personal lubricant is 100% organic, vegan and made from freshly tapped Malaysian rubber. Lovability Inc. is on a mission to deliver gender equality in the bedroom by destigmatizing personal lubricant. As it says: "Lovability’s mission is to spread the word that some [people] need lube to help 'get it on' and that’s more than okay, in fact, it should be celebrated!"

Hallelubeyah personal lubricant's packing is meant for discreet use and features minimal, effortless branding. Millennial brands like Glossier have been following a non-branding approach to products, making them seem as though they aren't directly marketed for anyone in particular so they can be used by everyone. Millennial and Gen X consumers find this approach trustworthy and think of the product more as a friend-to-friend find because they have discovered the product through social media as opposed to being directly targeted by marketers.