SU Architects' 'Half House' is Split Down the Middle

 - Sep 14, 2017
References: archdaily
Deciding on something as permanent as a home is a serious endeavor, and adhering to a single option can feel excruciating; fortunately for the owners of 'Half House', sticking to just a single home design wasn't necessary. The home, which was designed by SU Architects, is split into two definitive halves, offering up both traditional and modern aesthetics in a single building.

Half House is located in Mogan Shan, China, a mountainous area with pristine ecological surroundings. As such, many of the surrounding buildings are stylistically traditional, with low-slung gabled roofs that have been common in China for centuries. Though Half House keeps that roofing cue, it's otherwise a departure. The more traditional side of the house is indeed covered in the same white stucco as the others around, but the modern side is covered almost entirely in glass.