Hakuna Banana Makes Desserts with Bananas, Dates & Coconut Milk

In the last few years, the ice cream category has been upended by a number of better-for-you treats and Hakuna Banana sets itself apart as a maker of plant-based frozen desserts. The vibrant, non-dairy desserts are made with a base of bananas, coconut milk and dates, offering a naturally creamy and sweet alternative to ice cream. Hakuna Banana puts its own spin on classics like vanilla with varieties like 'Banilla,' which is made with real vanilla bean, and other indulgent yet healthy options like Choco Choco Chip, Banana Spice and Cashew Cookie Dough.

At this year's Natural Products Expo West, Hakuna Banana was recognized at the 2019 Pitch-Slam competition.

Like Hakuna Banana, a growing number of brands that are passionate about plant-powered eating are sharing decadent frozen treats made with fruit and vegetable bases.