Vive Offers Unlimited Hair Blowout Services in New York City

 - May 1, 2015
Vive is a New York City-based service that offers unlimited hair blowouts to registered women.

For a flat price of $99 monthly, this service provides unlimited monthly access to salons curated by Vive. The on-demand service has its members state where they are and within 15 minutes, the nearest salon provides a response to Vive so that the appointment can be either confirmed or fit into the next available time slot immediately. Since the requests are designed to be placed in real-time, members are urged to place requests during business hours. One of the perks to being a Vive member is the ability to place last-minute appointments, which is handy in the case of a hair emergency.

Now that this style of unlimited service has been popularized by the fitness industry, it is proving useful for other needs people have.