Gulp Milkshakes Packaging Expresses Itself in Bold and Agitated Letters

 - Dec 3, 2013
References: wklondon & packagingoftheworld
Gulp Milkshakes packaging provides its consumer with one basic instruction on how to drink the creamy product; however, the scrumptiousness of the beverage might make that advice unnecessary. You might find it difficult to hold back from downing the entire contents in one go.

To begin, W + K London took the basic form of the milk bottle as the best vessel for this beverage, deciding that it should be opaque and white and that text should be used as the primary means to communicate the yummy features of the drink. A great range of playful typefaces were chosen to describe the particular flavor inside Gulp Milkshakes packaging, and the letters have been shaken up to allude to the method of the sweet liquid treat's preparation.